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Expand your clientele by scanning the internet based on your search criteria. With our Lead Generation Engine, you’ll have endless of customers contacts!


Expand your reach with email marketing campaigns. Bringing you relevance resulting in effectiveness. Automate follow-ups and personal emails for occasions like birthdays. Keeping your prospects and customers close has never been easier!


– SMS Marketing

– Create auto-responders for your email marketing.

– Send attractive emails using pre-built email templates,
or build your own from scratch via HTML or rich-text format

– Create campaign dashboards and reports to analyse performance

– Create a marketing list of potential customers by filtering information stored in lead or contact records.


Access all details of leads and customers through a centralised record. Create calendar events and synchronize with your Google, MS Outlook or other calendars.


– View complete history of emails and call correspondence

– Create calendar events and follow-up tasks that are synchronised

– Automatic import contacts by CSV file, email, online form or 3rd-party app

– Illustrate your sales pipeline on your dashboard in real time

– Sales Forecast

– Export data to CSV file for further analysis

– Using tables and charts to analyse staff performance, products and sales    opportunities


Provide multi-channel support for customers. Assign cases to support staff to facilitate responses automatically. Divert common cases to FAQs and prioritize key cases.


– Provide multi-channel support for customers

– Assign cases to staff automatically

– Organise case history in chronological order

– Use data to customize & prioritize cases

– Create tables, reports and charts from data

– Create on-screen or email alerts when a case requires response

– Convert common issues to FAQs

– Determine bottlenecks & drivers for your support process


Create follow-up tasks automatically so that your staff will not miss out any opportunities. Gain a better understanding on your organization and analyze what can be improved.


– Synchronize calendar events with Google, Outlook etc

– Create events and tasks using workflow automatically

– Access information easily by creating record-link tasks and events

– Create reports easily from data

– Create charts from data and pin to your dashboard

– Share reports and charts by exporting them to CSV files


Store information about products and services in the system. Synchronize invoices and quotation created with companies and link to vendor for quick purchase order when stock runs low.


– Create purchase order when stock runs low

– Generate quotations, invoices, purchase orders and sales orders easily with templates

– Capture all products and services information including images

– Update inventory stock information automatically upon apporval

– Send payment requests online to customers which will be updated in the system after being paid

– Synchronize with company’s accounting software


It is important to retain your customers. Organize your customers and members information easily. Track your member’s purchase activities and history reports.


– Membership information is accessible to multiple users

– Create and customize membership types and packages

– Track members start date, end date and renewals

– Track member activity, interests and offer member perks

– Create online membership promotion pages to users

– Send emails and direct marketing promotions to members by using grouping features

– Send membership renewals, fees etc automatically

– Integrate with your company’s accounting software and outlook


Export data via APIs or CSV for integration with other corporate software like accounting system and email applications.


– Scripting

– Client extensions

– Customize reports

– Import/Export/Publish customizations

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